Positive Thinking on American made Gifts

by Spend on America Editor on December 14, 2011

Lately there’s been a lot of buzz going around about finding American made gifts for the holidays. This is great news, and it’s something we should encourage and spread. American made gifts are a way to help the country and delight your friends and loved ones at the same time. If you need some good ideas, let us help you.

Comments on the internet and calling into radio shows have been overwhelmingly positive, saying they plan to Spend on America this December. We can only hope it’s something that catches on. Here’s a suggestion: tell all your friends that you’ve made a “New Years Resolution” to buy American. Guess what? In the process of checking up on you, they’ll start to Spend on America themselves. Nobody who checks the label and sees “Made in China” gets excited about their purchase. Once people are in the habit of checking labels, they’ll be more in the habit of buying American.

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