The Recovering Markets

by Spend on America Editor on March 26, 2012

We are seeing mixed signals lately in the economic recovery.  We’re seeing good numbers, but we’re hearing hesitation from the members of the Fed as well as individual analysts. According to Real Estate Searcher, the real estate markets around the country are on a very unsteady recovery. There are a lot of interconnected factors. Certain areas are doing better than others. Traverse City is strong while Michigan is weak (but improving.) Corpus Christi is recovering but Houston is having difficulties. Some states like North Dakota have incredibly low unemployment levels. Other states are still reeling. Looking into the future, some prediction factors are weak and some are strong. It’s impossible to predict exactly what will happen in the coming months.

The important thing to consider is how we can help. Spending on America should be a habit by now. It should be an everyday decision. More hiring will continue to take place if we create more demand for American goods and services. Let’s look for that “Product of USA” sticker every time!

Remember to put pressure on your government officials during these election cycles. We need more policies designed to keep jobs here on American soil, and prevent our future from being outsourced overseas. Let’s make sure the politicians know that we will make them pay for failing to protect and promote American jobs.

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