American Made Knives

by Spend on America Editor on June 18, 2012

Beat & Son American Made Bowie KnifeA good American made knife makes a great gift that will be used and treasured. Whether you’re looking for a bowie knife, a skinning knife, or a multi-purpose blade, Bear & Son Cutlery has you covered. These knives are crafted in the USA out of high quality materials and are built to last. When Bear & Son says “Made in America” they really and truly mean it. Every single part of one of their American knives is made in-house at their factory in Alabama.
Bear & Son American Made Knife - Walnut Trapper
These American Made knives can be considered true collectibles. Let’s not let them become “extinct” though, as we need to continue to lend our support to American manufacturers who strive to create career quality jobs right here in the USA. When we want to Spend on America we need to know that we’ll have solid options to turn to, like the good people at Bear & Son. Let’s strive to eliminate the “Made in China” tags from our homes and our places of work! Click Here to take a look at the Bear & Sons American Made knives!

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