Take Action

Less than half of what we buy is made here in America.

Our Trade deficit with the Chinese. We need American Made Products We need to change that. Every dollar you spend on an American made product is a dollar that goes towards American jobs and American prosperity. We want to help you get involved. Our weekly newsletter brings you news, events, and opportunities from around the nation that focus on supporting American goods and services. Just fill in your name and e-mail address in the form on the right. We won’t share your information with anyone.

Does making the pledge help the cause? Only if you keep it. We just ask you to be aware when you shop. When you take something off the shelves, take time to notice the label and where the product was made. Exercise your influence as a consumer. Whenever you go out shopping, we want the words “Spend on America” to be running through your head. To be your mantra. Compare labels. Ask the management why there aren’t more American options. Take steps to get involved in your daily life.

Pledge Today to Spend on America! Vote with your Wallet!