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Less than half of what we buy is made here in America.

Our Trade deficit with the Chinese. We need American Made Products We need to change that. Every dollar you spend on an American made product is a dollar that goes towards American jobs and American prosperity. We want to help you get involved. Our weekly newsletter brings you news, events, and opportunities from around the nation that focus on supporting American goods and services. Just fill in your name and e-mail address in the form on the right. We won’t share your information with anyone.

Does making the pledge help the cause? Only if you keep it. We just ask you to be aware when you shop. When you take something off the shelves, take time to notice the label and where the product was made. Exercise your influence as a consumer. Whenever you go out shopping, we want the words “Spend on America” to be running through your head. To be your mantra. Compare labels. Ask the management why there aren’t more American options. Take steps to get involved in your daily life.

I, the undersigned, pledge to be conscious of the products I buy, so that I may choose American Made goods whenever possible. I will support my local community and economy by striving to buy local products of the USA. I will make the effort in my daily life to Spend on America and encourage my friends to do the same.

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There's a problem when less than half of what we buy in America is made in America. We can create jobs and put more money back into our communities by buying American. Every time you buy something that was made in the USA, you increase demand for American goods, and you help to put more Americans back to work. Isn't it time we gave up the "Made in China" and made a commitment to Spend on America?

Spend on America: Support American Made Products
Product of the USA

So you found something that says it was made in America. What do the labels mean? The Bureau of Consumer Protection has a detailed briefing on the requirements for the "Product of USA" label you see in the stores.

Looking for more ways to keep your money in America? Check out our American Resources for more ideas to help you support the cause.

You can read more about the problems and possible solutions facing America's economy today in "Re-made in the USA" by Todd Lipscomb, available on Amazon.com

Where are people pledging to Spend on America? All over the nation! Represent your town on the map and show your support by taking the pledge!

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