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Forget politics. Just for a minute. Let’s do what we can to improve our country as a people, not as Democrats or Republicans. The high unemployment rate affects us all, now and in our future.

Support American Jobs for American Workers. Buy products Made in America! You don’t have to be one of the so-called “Job Creators” to help create and support American Jobs. Why not spend your money on things that were made here in the U.S.A. when you have the option? More people buying American made products brings more manufacturing jobs to America.

We need more products in our homes that were made in America, made by our neighbors.
Let’s Spend on America to keep her strong.

You can make a difference.

Every time you buy something that was made here in the USA, you help to create more American jobs and put more money back into our communities. Everyone, no matter their financial status or political affiliation, can take action to strengthen our nation.

  1. Choose products that were made in America. Buy products that were made with American parts and labor whenever possible. More demand for American products means more American factories and more American jobs.
  2. Support your local business community. Encourage local businesses to carry American made goods, and keep your money in the economy. Consider joining a local Credit Union, or attending a Farmers’ Market.
  3. Join the Cause and Spread the Word! Tell people you’re choosing to Spend on America. Recommend good American Made products to your friends. If we keep insisting that stores carry American made products, supply will eventually have to catch up with our demand. Connect with us on Facebook and see who else stands for our cause!

Made in the USA

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