If you want to keep more of your money here at home we have some resources to help you along. Take a look at our Blog for showcased American products and businesses.

Credit Unions

These are great alternatives to large banks. A credit union is owned and controlled by its members. They’re a good way to keep your money in your community, and they typically have very high customer satisfaction. Almost all credit unions are insured up to $250,000 per member by the NCUSIF. You can search for credit unions in your area with a tool provided by the NCUA. For a basic search, enter your city and state, leaving the other fields as they are.

Find a Credit Union: The National Credit Union Association

Farmer’s Markets

Fresh, local produce. Straight from the farm. If you have a local farmer’s market we strongly urge you to attend. The USDA has a tool that will let you search farmer’s markets by Zip Code, or sort them by State. If your town doesn’t have one yet, you can learn how to start a farmer’s market here.

Search Farmer’s Markets: The United States Department of Agriculture

Online Shopping

You can choose American alternatives when shopping online. This is a good way to find gifts for your loved ones while still proudly supporting the U.S.A.. These links also support Spend on America Dot Com through affiliate agreements with companies who sell American Products.

  • Coffee – Most coffee is grown outside of America, and we’re the biggest importer of coffee in the world. The alternative to foreign-grown coffee? Coffee grown in Hawaii!
  • College Sports – Support your favorite NCAA Team with an All-American College Art Print for your wall. Just choose your conference and you’ll be on your way to showing some real team spirit.
  • Kitchen – Quality American-made kitchen supplies are an essential addition to your home. The brand names shown under the pictures are the brands made here in the USA.

    Cookware made in the USA


    Lamson Sharp Knives made in the USA

    Lamson Sharp

    American Made Carts and Tables by John Boos

    John Boos

  • Tools – You can find high quality American made tools at very affordable prices. Stick to the recommended brands (shown under the pictures) to ensure you get a product of the U.S.A., as the vendors also carry imported tools.

    American Made Hammers, Axes, and Hatchets


    Pliers made in the USA


    Bear and Son American Made Utility and Sports Knives

    Bear & Son

    Flashlights made by Maglite in the USA


  • Toys & Playground Equipment – American made toys and playground gear are here for your peace of mind. If you don’t want your children playing with foreign-made goods, take a look at these Authentic American toys.
    Little Tikes has been manufacturing toys in Ohio for a long time now. They’ve been good enough to highlight their “Made in the USA” line of products to help us make an informed choice and Spend on America. They have a great list of toys here that your children will love.

    Browse their full selection of American Made toys: Made in the USA at Little Tikestrack.


Do you want to get away without spending your money in another country? Alaska is a great place to travel through exotic terrain and still Spend on America. Northwest Van Campers offers budget campervan rentals, the perfect way to see Alaska on a budget and in a Ford.

Further Reading

What do the various labels mean? What does it mean to comply with the Made in USA standard? You can read more on the Bureau of Consumer Protection’s website. If a product claims to be made in the USA, it should have negligible foreign made material. It can get a bit more complicated, though. We recommend reading the article.

Read more: Complying with the Made in USA Standard