Leave Reviews for America

by Spend on America Editor on October 11, 2016

First off, let me say that I’m not encouraging you to leave companies bad reviews online if they don’t use and sell American Made Products. Our power as reviewers should not be overlooked, though. Online reputation is increasingly important to businesses, as people search for options on their mobile browsers and compare stars.

Because of this, you have leverage. Go down to your local businesses and talk to them. Ask them what parts of their business are Made in America. Ask them why they don’t carry more American Made Goods. Let them know you’d be more impressed if they were more dedicated to creating American Jobs here in America. Let them know that you’re active on whichever online review communities you are a part of.

Don’t escalate the conversation and threaten them with a bad review. Don’t take a sinister or demanding tone. Be candid with them. If you put a business owner on the defensive you are not going to change any hearts and you’re more than likely to make an enemy. What I am instead suggesting is that you just let them know that you do what you can to help businesses that help America. Maybe your 4 star review would be 5 stars if only they stopped selling those cheap Chinese knives. You get the idea.

The point is that each of us have influence in ways that we may have not considered. As long as it is legal and ethical to do so, we should never be afraid to wield our influence in ways that will help us thrive as a nation. Let’s all do our part to make it a moral imperative to Spend on America.

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